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Do we have to make an appointment to come and see you?
Although an appointment isn't strictly necessary, we do encourage booking in advance to ensure we can give you our maximum service and attention.

We need to start sorting out our wedding suits. How do we go about doing it? Do we need to bring everyone down?
We find the most effective way of doing things is to sort out your bridesmaid's colours first so you can have swatches for reference, then just the two of you pop down so the Groom can try on a few different things until you find something that's right. Once you're happy with your choices you can leave a deposit and start filtering in the other members of your party. It's best to do this in small groups of 2-3 people, and there's no need to accompany them if you don't want to - all of your choices will be in our records!

AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!! We've left everything too late! How close to the date can you help us with wedding attire?
Don't panic! Even for large parties we can help out with last minute arrangements. Obviously we don't encourage you to leave the arrangements until last minute, but we have a very large stock and as long as the fittings allow it, we can have suits ready for hire in minimal time. Parties of up to 3 or sometimes more people can easily be sorted within 24 hours, larger parties can sometimes take a little longer. Please note though that last minute orders are subject to availability and in busy periods can also subject to an administration fee, so it makes much better sense to book early!

We live local to you, but many of our party live too far afield to come in to see you for a fitting, what should we do?
No problem, we can find an independent menswear outlet that's local to them where they can go to have a full fitting, and then simply send us the measurements via phone or email. If they can get someone they know to measure them or already know their measurements then they can fill in one of our self measure forms which can be downloaded here (simply right click the link and choose "save target as"). If they manage to get down to us at any time after this leading up to the wedding, they can always pop in to have their measurements double checked by one of our experienced staff members.

We've heard horror stories about picking up hire outfits only to find that they're all wrong! What happens in this case?
While a lot of similar companies will only let you take the outfits the day before the wedding, at Black Tie we like to offer complete peace of mind, that's why we generally encourage you to book a midweek evening appointment with us to combine your final fittings and your collection. This also saves on people having to come in for two or three fittings. Any last minute adjustments can be done there and then while you wait, and in worst case scenarios, we can deliver replacement garments to you the following day! This doesn't happen very often however as we like to be as thorough as we can possibly be to ensure you're 100% happy with the service we provide. If an evening appointment is not possible, please just ensure that every member of your party tries on their outfit as soon after collection as possible.

We have young children in our wedding party, how young can you cater for?
Generally this is hard to say, as it really depends on how big the children are for their age. We have had 5 year olds to measure before who were smaller than the average 2 year old and vice-versa so as you can imagine, fitting children can be a bit of a challenge! As a general rule, we go from 2 years and up, although 18 months and up is still do-able. We have catered for younger before, but generally the best way of including very young children in the party is to just hire a shirt, waistcoat and cravat for them, this way they don't have the stress of wearing a suit all day which will be very foreign to them. We tend to discourage people from dressing a child up if they are not up and walking around yet, as obviously it doesn't bode well for the outfit they are wearing! We also leave fittings for the children until 6 weeks before the wedding at the earliest, as otherwise they will grow and the measurements will become redundant.

We have seen a waistcoat which we really like on an overseas website which you don't appear to stock, is it something you can get in for us?
We have a massive range of waistcoats and other accessories that are available to buy from £65, in which there should at least be something very similar. If, however, we cannot find anything that takes your fancy, we can also use your own fabric to make waistcoats, much like we do for cravats. We often find this is a great way for the groom to stand out with something unique, and also gives him a nice keepsake of the day. This service is just £60, plus the cost of the fabric, which in most instances can be sourced for between £5 and £15 per metre.

Do you offer insurance on your hire outfits?
All of our quoted prices include insurance, VAT and alteration costs, there are absolutely no hidden charges, what we quote you is what you pay (subject of course to the order not being changed eg. adding extra members, shoes, other accessories etc). Our insurance covers all cleaning costs and repairable damage but please be aware that any irreparable damage (which includes any heavily soiled garments) will be chargeable at the full retail value. In these instances however, any wedding insurance policy you have purchased should cover you. You simply pay us for the garment/s, we supply you with a full receipt and the garment/s in question and your wedding insurance broker should be able to re-imburse you. This does not happen very often however so concentrate on enjoying your day!

How soon before the wedding should everyone be measured?
Excluding some pre-arranged mitigating circumstances, we ask that we have all hire measurements completed and ready at least 6 weeks before your wedding date. If you have any children in the party, we need to see them no sooner than 6 weeks before the wedding and no later than 3 weeks. Any last minute measurements may be subject to an administration fee so please make sure every member of your party is aware of this. In the case of made to measure garments, we must have all measurements at least 8 weeks before the wedding date. Any non made to measure garments to buy are subject entirely to availability.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we must cancel our wedding attire. What happens next?
We understand that sometimes planning a wedding does not go smoothly and in most cases we do everything we can to make sure nothing adds to the stress. If your wedding simply needs to be re-scheduled, you will not lose your deposit. We simply move your details to the new date (subject to availability). If any individual outfits in your party are cancelled you will also not be charged, you may however lose any discount that the outfit in question brought. In this case however, most couples find someone to fill the gap - again, in this instance you will not be charged. If however the wedding is cancelled and is not to be re-scheduled unfortunately you will lose your deposit.

We have hired our suits elsewhere but are not happy with the choice of accessories available. Can we hire waistcoats or other accessories from you?
We get a lot of enquiries about this sort of thing, I guess it's the price we pay for having so much choice! Generally we do not hire out accessories on their own for a few reasons. Firstly, especially in high season, we're using most of our stock for the clients of ours who are hiring complete outfits. Similarly, if we promise 20 single waistcoats to someone only to then recieve interest from a potential client looking to hire the same waistcoats with complete outfits we may have to refuse them their choice if we do not have the stock which could only hurt us financially and professionally. However, we do try to help wherever we can and if we have the required stock sitting here not booked and are not run off our feet we would be happy to accomodate! Please also be aware that almost everything that we hire we can also sell, so things like cravats, cufflinks, shirts and waistcoats can be arranged through us to order. But why not try us out for your suit hire too? You will always get a better deal if you order everything together and our prices are very hard to beat considering we offer free insurance and alterations!

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